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What is an ePortfolio?
An ePortfolio is a web site you create to show a collection of your coursework over time and to demonstrate your skills, competencies, talents and interests. Your ePortfolio will show your progress and academic achievements. The ePortfolios at CityTech are Career ePortfolios.

What is a Career ePortfolio?
A Career ePortfolio is a specific type of ePortfolio that when completed will become your digital resume and showcase. The information and academic examples that you post on your site will show future employers and your academic department how well prepared you are to enter the workplace.

What goes into the content areas of the ePortfolio?
The CityTech ePortfolio project will involve working within a template. This means certain areas we call “content areas” will be included in every ePortfolio. Each content area is designed to allow you to demonstrate a variety of things about yourself and your career ambitions. Below is a brief explanation of the content areas:

* Homepage/Introduction
This is where you introduce yourself to the people who are viewing your site. You should tell a little bit about your past, your present and your future. Remember your audience and keep your information professional at all times. Using pictures, graphics, links and other design options will make your ePortfolio easier to navigate and more interesting to view.
* Academic Examples
This area of your website is for you to add a variety of examples of your coursework that will demonstrate your skills. Write briefly about your project and then link to the actual project. You can include term papers, PowerPoint presentations, database projects, Excel projects, artwork, graphics, or other coursework that you are proud of. But the key is not just to post it but to talk a little bit about the project and what you have learned from it.
* Work Experience
The information that you add here can expand upon the information in your resume. The digital portfolio allows you to talk about the jobs that you have had and specifically how they have trained you. You can also link to sites that show where you worked or something more about your experience.
* Internship
In this section you can post any academic or professional internships that you have done that relate to your chosen field. If you did an internship in a hospital, advertising agency or completed assignments that involved internship projects, include them here. Write a short narrative about your experience and link to your internship sites or papers and projects that you have completed.
* From the Field
This is the place where you can communicate what in your chosen field interests you even if it is not a school project or coursework related. For example, a computer major may write about an innovative use of a PDA and link to articles and tutorials about PDAs. A student majoring in Hospitality Management may write about the most recent food expo at the Javits Center, talk about his or her experience of attending the show, and link to the exhibits. Talk about what interests you in your chosen field and profession.
* Professional Goals
Write a brief statement here about where you would like to be professionally in the short term such as when you graduate or the long term 5 to 10 years from now after you have gained experience, or even a combination of the two. Your goals also may include pursuing an advanced degree or gaining additional experience in related fields and your desire to move into management or own your business. Try to demonstrate how you intend to contribute to your field.
* Resume
Add your most current resume and make sure it is free of errors or grammatical mistakes. Because your resume will be viewed online, you may want to include your name and email address as contact information, but not your home address or phone number. You may want to create a separate email address just for your ePortfolio with a professional email name and not your personal one.

A note about design and content: Be creative, but choose colors, backgrounds, graphics and fonts that show your work at its best. For example, if it is hard to read your text (light text on a light background or overly bright background colors or images) viewers will not focus on who you are and what you have accomplished. Remember, you want to present professional and academic information here and you want to project a professional image.

Will we be working during class on our eportfolios?
You will attend an ePortfolio workshop which may be scheduled during class time, but your eportfolio project is your responsibly -- separate from your regular class work. You will get hands-on training in using the template and adding content to your ePortfolio such as text, images, hyperlinks, email addresses; you’ll also learn to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which is used to upload your ePortfolio to the web.

What if I need extra help?
There are open workshops and lab hours. Open workshops are scheduled on a variety of topics and you may attend as many and as often as you like. Reservations are not necessary for the open workshops but be sure to arrive on time. During open lab hours there will be Peer Tutors trained to help you one-on-one with all aspects of your ePortfolio. They will not do the project for you though. Don’t wait until the last minute because toward the end of the semester the lab gets crowded and the tutors will not be able to devote as much time to you individually. Repeat the workshop by attending as many open workshops as you can until you feel comfortable with the material. The open workshop schedule can be found on the site.

Email questions to the ePortfolio peer tutors at:

What is my User ID?
Your user ID is your first initial and last name.
i.e. if your name is John Smith then your user ID is jsmith

What is my Password?

Your password is your date of birth in the following order: year/month/day
i.e. if you birthday is June 22, 1980 then your password is 19800622

What is my URL address?

Your URL is the ePortfolio web address followed by your first initial and last name.
i.e. if your name is John Smith than your URL is

Contact info:
ePortfolio Computer Manager: Ramon Moncada
ePortfolio Helpline: Peer Tutors
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