Getting Started:

  1. Defining your site in Dreamweaver
  2. IMPORTANT INFO: file organization and naming
  3. Adding text
  4. Preparing your Academic Examples for the web
  5. Saving your logo for the web
  6. Adding your logo to the ePortfolio template
  7. Adding your images to the Academic Examples page
  8. Uploading your ePortfolio to the server
  9. Downloading your ePortofolio from the server
  10. Viewing your site on the web

Defining your site in Dreamweaver:


Organizing your files and folders:

  • It is essential that you keep your Local site folder and your Remote site folder neat, organized and synchronized.
  • Your pages must always be in the main folder NOT in a sub folder.
  • For proper synchronization between the Local and Remote sites, be sure to choose the CORRECT main folder when you define your site.
  • Put your logo.gif and any other images inside the images folder provided.

Proper file naming:

Web browsers are very particular about spelling and syntax! All of your HTML pages should have the suffix: .html. Your images should have the suffix: .jpg or .gif

File names are case sensitive and must match to be readable. For instance, if an image is called logo.gif, you must refer to it in other html documents as logo.gif and not LOGO.gif.

Avoid using long file names. Files names should be 8 letters or less before the suffix. You cannot use signs, symbols (other than underscores or dashes) or spaces, because servers will read signs or symbols as commands and your files will not be displayed. Letters, numbers, dashes and underscores are ok. Try to use simple (short), one-word names without symbols or punctuation for all of your files and folder names.

There should be NONE of the following in your file names:
$ % & # @ * ! ?+><,

Adding text:

Preparing your Academic Examples:

Saving your logo for the web:

Adding your logo to ePortfolio:

Adding your images to the Academic Examples page:

Uploading to the FTP server:

Downloading from the FTP server:

Viewing your ePortfolio site on the web