November 1, 2018

What’s DUE?

  • 1 collage should be completed or near completion. We will work in class to refine and complete both collage compositions.
  • Come prepared to work. Bring the following:
    • Sketchbook, 9×12″ Bristol, pencils, eraser, knife/scissors, drafting tape, glue


LAB: Project #3

  • Complete Phase 2: Define
  • By the end of class you should have completed both collages (broad and narrow value range).


  • Gluing down your collage pieces


  • Complete both collages before next class.
  • This means you’ve glued them down as demonstrated in class today.
  • We will be painting next class! Make sure you have the following supplies.

Materials Needed:

You will need paint materials for next class. Do not order online. Go to Blick or other art supply store. Do not buy expensive, profession-grade materials.

  • white and black gouache paints
  • sable-type watercolor brushes (do not buy brushes for acrylic or oil)
    • FLAT:  1/2″ angle, #4
    • ROUND: #1, #5
    • or a pack of brushes like this one
  • two water containers (yogurt cups, soda bottles with tops cut off, soup cans)
  • palette (round 10-well)
  • cotton rags (old white t-shirts or scraps)
  • Sketchbook, pencils, eraser, drafting tape, bristol