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I will be presenting a short introduction to my work at the College Art Association Annual Conference. Meta-Mentors: Hybrid Practices Abstract As the lines between analog and digital practice blur with the ease of use and availability, artists merge traditional and digital techniques as tools in making work and participating in a larger and more flexible arena […]

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PULSE Art Fair : The Director Tour 12/06/2012 —  Another project that we were pointed to was Jenna Spevack’s PULSE Project entitled “Seeding the City.” DeWitt notes, “Jenna’s work is about getting into the local community. She was finding ways to redo this project in Miami, and… >> more — Carmen Zella  

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From Invader Tiles to Living Room Installations Highlights From PULSE Miami 2012 December 5, 2012, 12:59 pm — This year’s edition of PULSE Miami may not open to the public until tomorrow, but ARTINFO got an early look at the sprawling satellite fair last night… See our favorites… >> more — Ben Davis, Benjamin Sutton