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Drawing has creative, expressive and educational value; it remains fundamental to translating and analysing the world– Anita Taylor “Drawing remains a central and pivotal activity to the work of many artists and designers – a touchstone and tool of creative exploration that informs visual discovery. It fundamentally enables the visualisation and development of perceptions and ideas. […]

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“The neurobiologist Antonio Damasio has written about Descartes’ error that, to put it in shorthand, “I think therefore I am.” Damasio instead makes the compelling argument, empirically based in neurology, that feeling and emotions as expressed in art and music play a central role in high-level cognitive reasoning….. much of the focus in education these days […]

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I was invited, as an artist, to attend a convening on February 23, 2013 at The Cooper Union- “Understanding Urban Sustainability: One Block at a Time“ – organized by Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) & the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design (CUISD) to share progress and give input on the SUSTAIN project. SUSTAIN presents an opportunity to create […]