Class 25 – Free Study Continued

Caution! I might bring one of these home to Brooklyn, if anyone is slacking off.


  • Present your Paired Color Identities Free-Study (in-progress) with your partner.
  • Present your 10 thumbnails, 2 of which should be further developed. See class 24 homework requirements for details.

Project NOTE:

Prof. Rosenblatt indicated that there was some confusion about the personal icon silhouette.

Clarification: You are each creating an unique icon that represents your partner’s personality. Please refer to the project guidelines for details.

  • This personal icon should be in silhouette >> Silhouettes from black card became popular in the mid-18th century. They are used in many mediums to give immediate identification or meaning. You may create a silhouette using any graphic, object, or icon.
  • Take a look at the artwork of Kara Walker to see how she uses this method to convey meaning in her work.
  • Also look at Indonesian Wayang Kulite – Shadow puppetry.
  • Research all the different ways silhouette is used in graphic design, theater and art.

Here are a few examples of silhouettes from contemporary artworks at the Pulse Miami 2012 art fair:


Paired Color Identities Free-Study

  • Continue work on Free-Study in class
  • Practice good time management. You will present your final work next week. Make this one count!


Bring to class:

  • Finished Paired Color Identities Freestudy.
  • Review the Assignment #5 guidelines to be sure you have completed everything.
  • SUPPLIES FOR NEXT CLASS: Bring your choice of color study materials: gouache or acrylic paints, colored pencils, cut paper, or a laptop with Photoshop installed.
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